Friday, November 25, 2005

Fowl Friday

The annoying noise of the friendly neighbourhood pigeons outside my window finally made me give up my sleep on this rainy Friday morning. I was late for work. Again. I was the last one to leave the apartment. While locking the apartment door, I heard those cheering words that the lady neighbour was yelling at her son: "whole world is awake and running.. and you are still lying here.. blah blah". Good. I was not the only one who suffers stiff-on-weekends syndrome.

Anyway, work on Friday went on uneventfully. Productivity was at record lows. Thanks to the disastrous India-South Africa one-dayer. We had found our scape-goat. We managed to trick our colleague Binani ji, who is getting married next week for a goodbye-bachelorhood treat at Bike 'n Barrel in the evening. Beer, music and the conversation made the evening a hell lot better than what morning was.

Now, at home, with a resolution to make my future Fridays lot more productive, and a plan on what to read on Saturday, I wish to fall into slumber. Even my keyboard is feeling sleepy.

All I need to take care now, is a will to make Monday mornings more bearable and productive, but I guess that is a long shot. And yes, I hate pigeons.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Q: Why are there walls around graveyards?
A: Cos people are just DYING to get in.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The beginning

Expressing yourself is difficult. At least in my case it is.

In order to begin my blogging journey on this Saturday evening in an easier way, there cant be a better manner than to begin with a a qote from CnH:

Saturday is the best day of the week. No demands at all!
Perfect freedom! The whole day stretches before
us with unlimited opportunity! And what better way to
appreciate that opportunity than by
squandering it watching cartoons all day!