Friday, November 25, 2005

Fowl Friday

The annoying noise of the friendly neighbourhood pigeons outside my window finally made me give up my sleep on this rainy Friday morning. I was late for work. Again. I was the last one to leave the apartment. While locking the apartment door, I heard those cheering words that the lady neighbour was yelling at her son: "whole world is awake and running.. and you are still lying here.. blah blah". Good. I was not the only one who suffers stiff-on-weekends syndrome.

Anyway, work on Friday went on uneventfully. Productivity was at record lows. Thanks to the disastrous India-South Africa one-dayer. We had found our scape-goat. We managed to trick our colleague Binani ji, who is getting married next week for a goodbye-bachelorhood treat at Bike 'n Barrel in the evening. Beer, music and the conversation made the evening a hell lot better than what morning was.

Now, at home, with a resolution to make my future Fridays lot more productive, and a plan on what to read on Saturday, I wish to fall into slumber. Even my keyboard is feeling sleepy.

All I need to take care now, is a will to make Monday mornings more bearable and productive, but I guess that is a long shot. And yes, I hate pigeons.


Anonymous said...

quite distress of pign?

Anonymous said...
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