Sunday, December 04, 2005


From Anna Nagar to Anna university (via Anna Salai)

It had poured like mad in Chennai last week. A rather uncommon sight in otherwise sleepy, hot and incredibly humid Chennai. Rains normally bring out two extreme facets in you - either you want to go out to enjoy rains and drench yourself, or you become the lazy bloke who curses rain Gods. Either way your willingness to do serious work and productivity, both suffer.

On Saturday I decided to venture in the rains - by chance, not by choice. It was an extraordinary sight. I had do drive my brother from Anna nagar to Anna University, two almost extreme corners of Chennai. What we encountered in this 45 minute bike ride was like a cross between a scene from a hollywood action-thriller and being inside a video-game.

Uprooted trees, blocked roads, boats inside the city, people saving each others' lives, properties & pets. It was strange how that bike ride amidst that calamity gives me a reason to ponder on countless fascinating insights on the city.

Cant help but notice the uncanny number of Wine shops all around. I have seen 3 wine shops almost in a row. Judging by the number of people in evenings in the past (and sometimes even in mornings !!) they all do brisk business. Speaks a lot of raging spirit of the city. As Cyrus Broacha would put it - We live in terrible times, but all the blame cannot be put on Britney Spears.

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