Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ego search

An old concept for jobless egomaniacs!! This time with a slight modification ... saw it at a friend's blog..

Google "Your_Name loves" and see the results. Mine:

Sanjay loves:
  • to admire women
  • his mother's cooking
  • entertaining and it’s never at A restaurant
  • her desserts too
  • walking around in the woods, yoga and philosophy
  • practicing martial arts
  • to write brutally honest reviews
  • being an older brother (??!!!)
  • to shoot pictures and has a vast collection of photographs
  • to watch movies, play basketball and tennis
  • us, not the spammers
  • Madhuri Dixit and sacrifices his love for his friend Salman
  • (this one's a killer..) whoever he sees

Lemme know if you find more interesting stuff :)


Sanjay said...

Just cant seem to get enough of it... Now "Your_Name is" series:

Sanjay is:

- a prototype Yash Chopra character
- behind the problems
- reborn as Sanjana
- smart. So he drives a Smart car
- the chairman of a huge company that deals with cell phones
- playing Lord Yama
- not afraid to play his age
- Sanskrit for Victor and/or Protector
- the dithering casanova, constantly bungling up his romantic liaisons
- curious about foreigners, and he calls all of them “Japani”.
- a child at heart
- a business tycoon and chairman
- getting into the habit of cheating
- not a movie celeb but he is still a celeb
- on a killing spree
- really a dream come true

Zakeer said...

Sanjay, I took your advice and checked whats in store for us. I guess you will be very happy to recommend my name as an extinct species to WWF (World Wildlife Fund). I didnt get a single result for "Zakeer Loves", Now if google does not find a result, who the heck is capable of doing so. The worse thing is I tried with my last name "Khalifa loves" and I found only one result.

Man, I curse you. I was a happy man till now, after taking your advice I get this sunken feeling that Iam dead man walking.

Another sider of coin: Thanks buddy, If Iam a dead man then iam invincible - Iam Superman


Sanjay said...

You shud've taken it to the next level.. results nothing short of encouraging....

Some samples:
Zakeer is in charge of the base camp
zakeer is dying
Zakeer is a freelance writer based in Chennai (????)
and concording to the superman philosophy, even google agrees that-
zakeer is definitely right

Howzzat !!!

Zakeer said...

Sanjay its only goes to prove that nature survives inspite of mans quest to destroy it. I guess Natural selection prevailed and "Zakeer Loves" got tranformed in to new species "Zakeer is". However still zakeer has a long way to go to ensure his survival, He is still an endangered species in googles universe. 3 results out of more than billion webpages and infinite text.

Thats and mom why did you give me this name