Friday, December 30, 2005


FoxTrot and Dilbert, in that order, are my favourite cartoons after Calvin and Hobbes. For those who are ignorant of this offbeat and wonderful comic, I use my blog spread the message.

It revolves around the Fox family. Parents are Roger and Andy. Roger is so lacking in even the basic skills of living, that the only job he's capable of holding is middle management in a corporation, while Andy is relatively sensible except for a tendency to get a little goofy about her passions, which include healthy eating. The two older kids, Peter (a high school junior) and Paige (a freshman) are relatively normal, considering they're teenagers, only more so. 10-year-old Jason is a computer genius, and one gets an impression he could take over the world if he thought it was worth the effort. Jason is the one who keeps Quincy, the iguana as a pet.

It's a character-driven strip, in that humor tends to arise more from the interactions of the characters themselves, rather than the situations they find themselves in. Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin & Hobbes, in his introduction to one of more than two dozen paperback collections of the strip, called this aspect "refreshing", and added, "This gives the world of FoxTrot a veracity other family strips lack. The Fox family has the resonance of honest observation."

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