Saturday, December 31, 2005

The year that was

As 2005 comes to an abrupt end, I must start with a congratulatory note. I congratulate myself. Mainly because this blog which yesterday had 2 hundred hits, has grown. In size and stature! In fact when I started only three people were reading this blog, today 2 months later thanks to the amazing effect it has had on people my unique readership has grown to an outstanding total of eight readers, and this does not include 2 colleagues at my office, whom I force to read my posts, some of which are incredibly boring (my posts, not my colleagues).

Apart from 200 hits, I achieved another personal milestone in 2005. Two of my credit card companies had good thoughts about my credit-worthiness. Both of them doubled my credit limits, which is not speaking much, considering that even the doubled amount won't fetch me a holiday in the Sri Lankan island of Baticaloa.

For last post of the year, I have a message that I once wrote in a letter of mine:

If you enjoyed reading my posts half as much as I enjoyed writing them,
then I enjoyed twice as much as you did !

Goodbye 2005 !!!

for my tooth fairy - for record, Baticaloa is not my ideal holiday destination.
for ppl who owe me money - credit on card does not mean money. I still need dough.


Gaurav Gollerkeri said...

I dropped by via Vikram's dormant blog, so you can add another reader to your ever-growing list now!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2006.

Sanjay said...

Thanks Mate :-) Wish you a great 2006 too!!

Talking bout ever-growing readers, I too enjoy reading your blog regularly.. specially like the simpsons images you regularly use.

Santanu said...

Hey Faux Pas!

How are things going? How's irevna doing without me?:)

It's pretty chilling to just relax at home... but yes, sometimes gets a tad nostalgic... Hope all's well!


Sanjay said...

Hey dada...
Sans you, Irevna is doing QUIET well for one :P

Read your poem dude... well written. Agreed that the spare time at home and no hectic deadlines sure gives you chance to ponder... Hey we shall haunt you in the form of the Irevna video ;o) Tushar and me have got tonnes of CDs to spare :P