Monday, January 09, 2006

Picture This

Haven't written anything this year because am caught up with lots of work. But as the old cliche goes - a picture is worth a thousand words. Please do visit my photo blog whenever you get a chance. Will post soon.


Santanu said...

Nice pics, baba!

Is there any place you can upload some of our snaps... would be nice to have links to pics of kingfisher times... also, do you still have the link to the pics of the jungle retreat trip we made?

Keep adding photos baba... makes for much better viewing than written stuff... in my opinion.


Sanjay said...

Hey dada... Will mail you the links of earlier trips. Thanks for the comment, although I knew you would say "nice pics" the moment you see your own photo :P

Santanu said...

Yello Baba,

Nope, I would have said 'Nice pics' in all cases other than when your pic was included...:)

Do pay a visit to my blog some time and post in a few not-so-nice comments...:)